Fit Fab Women Online Membership 
What's Included:
  • Daily Workout Program on Your Schedule:
    You will have access to Strength, Cardio, & Recovery Workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home, on your schedule, in just 10-30 minutes. All you need access to is: a Pair of Dumbbells, a Stability Ball, and a Resistance/Tube Band is helpful too. Three (3) Workouts a week is the magic number, but you will have access to 5-6 new workouts each week. Workouts are delivered to your Email -and- via our private Members Only Facebook group.
  • Video Instruction:
    It’s like Coach Summer is right there with you, teaching each move, from your phone, ipad, or computer. You don’t get this type of in-depth instruction from other apps or programs.
  • Nutrition Resource Site:
    You will have access to Summer's 50 page Easy & Delicious Recipe Manual, Sample Weekly Meal Plans, Bonus Recipes, Holiday Recipes, and more! Recipes are EASY to plug in your meal plan with plenty of alternatives, to fit your taste buds and your chaotic family life. We don't believe in diets. We believe in teaching intuitive nutrition. If desired, you will have access to speak with our Registered Dietician. 
  • Weekly and Monthly Challenges: Each week, we will have a Weekly Focus Challenge on a variety of topics to improve the Mind, Body, & Spirit. Summer loves to award prizes:) Each month you will have the opportunity to enter a Bonus Monthly Challenge for a variety of prizes. 
  • Weekly Accountability Calls: You will have access to Weekly Group Accountability Calls (Video or Phone) to get your questions answered, gain support from the group, and keep you accountable to meeting your health & fitness goals! 
  • ​Private Members Only Facebook group: Our private facebook group is just like a private membership site. (Not on Facebook? Just create a free, private profile, just like you would for any app. Yes, you can remain "private".) You receive access to support, BONUSES, Live video lessons, accountability and more 24/7. 
  • This Program Includes the 5 Keys to Success for a Total Mind & Body Transformation:
    Planning & Preparation (Done for you with our workouts and meal plans.), Pro Accountability (This is the glue to your success), Social Support (Your friend, family, & co-workers will try to sabotage your results.), Incentive (One simple rewards will keep you on track.), and Deadlines (We tend to procrastinate.) 
Fit Fab Women Online Membership  PLUS One on One Accountability
What's Included:
  • Receive Everything Above PLUS your own Personal One on One Accountability Coach:
    You will have one on one messaging and Phone/Video Calls Scheduled, Biweekly, with your very own Personal Accountability Coach. This can be the key to success when starting a program, before it becomes a habit, - or - if you know you need a person attached to you to keep you going! 
$7.00 today then $47.00/Mo in 30 days*

*Billed every 30 days. Can be cancelled a minimum of 5 business days prior to next billing date. 

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: By checking this box and submitting this payment form I understand I am entering into a recurring monthly billing program for coaching with a minimum two-month commitment from date of purchase. No warranties or guarantees are made for this service (your progress will be determined by your effort.) I understand that to exit from this program and cease recurring billing requires a minimum 5 business days notice submitted through the online cancellation request form. (Link will also be readily available on the resource site.)

For the Fit Fab Online Membership, I acknowledge outside of this signup form that a one time charge of $7.00 USD (first month of membership) will be levied against my payment method entered on this form and my first recurring payment of $47 will occur in 30 days.

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