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In Fearless Academy for Women; you’ll go from feeling like “there must be more to life than this” to transforming your mindset, health, work/life boundaries & more, giving you the step-by-step process to fearless living and find more peace, perspective, and purpose.
PART 1: 6 Personal Development Modules with Easy to Follow Worksheets - FEARLESS FRAMEWORK (6 months access) 
  • Module 1: DECIDE: Ideal Day and 11 Steps to Fearless Living for Maximum Happiness
  • Module 2: Strategies to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Procrastination, and Perfectionism 
  • Module 3: CREATE: Boundaries, Routines, and Happiness Audits
  • Module 4: Understanding Nutrition 101 & Your GUT (Mental & Physical) 
  • ​Module 5: REFRAME: Scarcity vs Abundance, Fear, Imposter Syndrome 
  • ​Module 6: COMMIT: “The Big 5” Prioritizing Your Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • BONUS #1 Module 7: Fearless Financial Fitness with 2 CPAs
  • BONUS #2: Getting Started with Meditation and Yoga
  • BONUS #3: Zones of Genius (Career)
  • BONUS #4: Nutrition Resource Site with 50 page Recipe Manual & lots more
  • ​BONUS #5: 28 Day 10 Minute Fitness Plan
PART 2: 8 Weeks of LIVE Group Life Coaching (Replay Available)
Topics we may discuss in Group Coaching, or 1 on 1, to offer support, strategy and accountability:
  • Exploring a new career or starting your own business
  • Creating personal systems for your family/home life, for your health, and/or career or business (my signature method KSS)
  • Overcoming and moving forward from self sabotaging behaviors (even identifying)
  • ​Strategies to improve your leadership skills and to improve relationships with yourself, your family, and your professional life
  • ​Prioritizing your personal self care, family goals, and career goals 
  • Effective communication to use your voice both in your personal and professional life 
  • ​Implementing the next steps to design the live you crave and deserve 
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"I was stress eating, gaining weight, and felt unfulfilled in my career. Summer has been such a wonderful blessing; having a very positive impact on both my professional and personal life, helping me become the hero of my own story."

~ Michele D., 56, National Healthcare Director  

"I highly recommend taking action with Summer’s course and all she has to offer in the group and 1 on 1 calls. Summer is a unicorn and can quickly help you elevate your physical & mental health and career & leadership goals!"

~ Kara, 46, Executive Director Senior Living

"Summer helped me find purpose and a path through very stressful life changes to not only clarify my goals, but then take action to achieve them. She combined perfectly the right amount of positive encouragement, actionable steps, and accountability."

~ Jeneanne, 45, *New* Chief Operating Officer  

"When I first started working with Summer I was at rock bottom. Now I've set strong boundaries, I feel more confident, and actually believe I deserve better in my life. I'm still a work in progress and committed to continuing to do the work as I was feeling like a "2" and now I regularly feel like a "7" and even have days as a "10" or off the charts!"

~ Nicole, 33, Healthcare Professional 

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